Are South Dakotans happy?

WalletHub believes money helps, to a point, but there are other factors that make South Dakota a happy state.
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(WALLETHUB) - Are you happy? According to WalletHub, most of South Dakotans are in pretty good spirits, enough to rank ninth in the country.

A WalletHub study finds that life satisfaction increases as income increases. But there is a limit, $75,000. Beyond that, money doesn’t make you any happier, according to WalletHub.

Besides money, good health makes you happy; as well as having a purpose in live and being socially connected.

South Dakota was ranked ninth for emotional and physical well-being; sixth for work environment and 35 for community and environment. South Dakotans also get some of the best sleep (ranked second) and third highest income growth. South Dakotans are tied for fourth highest volunteerism rate, another key to how happy people are.

How do the neighbors fare? North Dakotans are happier, ranked third; followed by Nebraska eighth. Wyoming trails a little bit at 13.

Source: WalletHub