38th annual Black Hills Bluegrass Festival wraps up with gospel songs

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Despite the rainy weather, folks came out in droves to enjoy the last day of the 38th annual Black Hills Bluegrass Festival.

On Sunday musicians from Florida, North Dakota, and Missouri took the stage at Kickstands Campground with some gospel-inspired bluegrass music.

Cathy Kjar says this American roots music is riddled with banjos, mandolins, and fiddles, producing high-energy songs that are contagious.

"After we get to watch these very fantastic, very talented people on the stage, then we go and we make music ourselves outside our campers and things like that. Sometimes it lasts until four in the morning. That's the nature of bluegrass people. They love each other. They love music, and they love to get together," Cathy Kjar said, committee member, Black Hills Bluegrass Festival.

There was also a band from new Mexico and local players from Rapid City.

To learn about upcoming musical performances, visit Black Hills Bluegrass.