23-year-old hopes to become pioneer for barbering in the Black Hills

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - There is a new barber on the corner of Downtown Rapid City's busiest block at 501 Main St. Ste 18.

23-year-old Rapid City-native Dom Clucas is the owner of the new Black Hills Barbershop and from the sounds and looks of it, he has come a long way from that first chop three years ago.

"I just didn't know what I was doing .. it was just a headache but I got it done, it wasn't the best work but it was my first hair cut for sure," Clucas said.

and with one fresh cut after another ...

"You know I would do one haircut and it wasn't that good, I would do another hair cut and it would be a little bit better and I bought a nicer pair of clippers and it kind of kept progressing."

Dom attended Emily Griffith Technical College in Denver, Colorado.
The institution is where he picked up his sharp skills and discipline, an experience he says was all he thought it would be and more.

"I'd look forward to school every day. I would get up and being in the big city of Denver, I was like oh you know I'm right in downtown Denver and it was cool to have that experience and go to school for something I was loving to do."

That license wasn't the only thing that motivated the young entrepreneur, though.

It was a little push from his mentor AJ Gallegos, and vet barber Charlene Lindholm of 20 years
Dom's relationship with Charlene started in her own chair in Box Elder.

" think I encouraged him but I wasn't the only one ... I was a part of encouraging him to go on to school," Lindholm said.

Clucas was also encouraged by family.

"Dom tried some stuff, tried college first, didn't like it, went and said you know I'm going to find something I like .. and he has found where he's supposed to be," said Billy Clucas, Dom's uncle.

With a newfound trade, Dom hopes to become a pioneer for a different style of barbering in Rapid City contrary to his own childhood experience.

"There was a lack of barbershops, there was a lack of clean lines and straight razor lines, and a straight razor you know, that was just not something that you didn't see."

At Black Hills Barbershop, Dom offers clean tapers and fades, blending, designs, and hot towel, straight-razor shaves.

Dom reaches a younger clientele by showcasing his work on social media.

"Dominque's set up on social media, he knows how to run it well, he gears his line of work towards his customers."

His mentors say he has a sharp eye for his client's needs.

"He knows a lot of people, he knows what they want, he listens to them so he will definitely do very well," Lindholm continued.

Dom is on his way to making people feel better when they leave than they did when they came.

"Getting out of that chair and actually him having his own shop and me stepping out of his shop ... great feeling," Billy continued.

All success stems from somewhere, and for Black Hills Barbershop, this is only the beginning. Dom plans to expand into a larger shop sometime in the future.

"It's an awesome feeling for sure," Dom ended.

To get in contact with Dom or book a seat in his chair, you can follow him on Instagram @domcutit or @blackhillsbarbershop, or give him a call at 605-209-7116.