2018 Black Hills Stock Show & Rodeo finalizes on a successful note

Picking up after a celebration of 60 years.

This year, The Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo continued its legacy driving in 10 breeds of cattle, horse sales, a host of more than 300 vendors, and a large social impact among livestock producers and horse enthusiasts.

"Alot of people that know each other and come back year after year to meet here and have fun and do business and enjoy everything that's agriculture in all of western South Dakota," said Ron Jeffries, general manager of the Black Hills Stock Show

This year brought more, starting out two weeks early at the Central States Fairground and adding a number of events and new spaces all around town.

However, the element that drives the show is the success of the cattle.

"We are fortunate that the cattle prices we're pretty good out here throughout the entire show, we could have used it earlier in the year but we'll take it from here on out," Jeffries says.

With the energy and mood being increasingly high for this show, Jeffries and vendors both say they are benefactors to this year's economic boost and the desire to have a good time.

"We met our goal so we doubled our sales here, I mean everybody's got money and they're spending money which is nice to see," said Parker Thomas, a vendor.

"The 2018 year has treated us really well. We are very happy to always come back to the Black Hills Stock Show," said Ashlee Miller, owner of Slick Rock Designs.

A testament to the many things the event has to offer, everyone walks away with something.

"In learning what they need and kind of what they expect is our learning experience," Miller said.

"I just learned like alot about real ranchers and how they got to wear these hats to stay home and last along time out there on the ranch."

As for the show at large, it wouldn't be possible without the help of the place it calls home.

"It wouldn't happen if we didn't have all of the sponsors and the support of Rapid City, I mean this is a community show, it's a part of Rapid City's show and were just pleased to get to put it on for our entire community," Jeffries said.