2018 Angus Show & Sale at the Stock Show

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On Monday people were shouting bids left and right at the Stock Show's "Angus Show and Sale."

Angus cattle are one of the most common breeds in American beef production.

While we were there, the champion bull was bought for 14 thousand dollars, and others who followed after him sold for five to eight thousand dollars.

A Charolais breeder from Minnesota was at the Angus sale to compare prices, and he says the cattle industry seems to be in good shape.

Chad Zehnder says, "So the cattle industry as a whole, the cow, were in an expansion mode. Just two or three years ago, we hit a low in terms of cow inventory in the U.S. But in the last couple of years we've been expanding so folks are expanding their herds, the nation's increase and keeping more heifers back, increasing the overall numbers of cows in the U.S."

Zehnder says although it's early in the season, cattle sales are off to a good start, and he's optimistic about the beef industry.