1880s train has another successful year

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Marsha Schultz has been working for the 1880 train for 11 years and says they've had another successful year.

Many families were Choo choo choosing a ride on the 1880's train as the summer months and tourism season winds down. For one family from Nebraska, the winding train ride helped cap off his summer.

Grayson ' It was relaxing and quiet and they gave you a tour of what is happening around you.'

Marsha Schultz says, ' It is fun, some of them get so excited, some get so scared of the whistle and you can't just say, kids. It's kids of all ages you get some of these senior men who were such train enthusiasts growing up and they love it.'

Even if the adults riding the steam engine weren't the biggest fans of trains. They are big fans of the scenic view from their car on the train.

Schultz says, ' There like we never expected to find this type of an area. it is one of the best-kept secrets here and how they wish they could live here. They just love the carvings of Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse. They are in awe of our area.'

Schultz added that the Holiday Express will be returning again to the 1880 train along with the night special for adults which comes will a little extra ingredient in your hot chocolate.