12-year-old boy fed up with potholes; fixes them himself

Published: Apr. 2, 2019 at 6:22 AM MDT
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After his mother's vehicle fell victim to a pothole in his Muskegon Heights, Michigan neighborhood, 12-year-old Monte Scott decided he had had enough.

Monte counted more than 50 potholes on his street alone, so he got to work. With a shovel in hand, Monte filled in the pothole that popped his mom's tire. His good deed didn't go unnoticed. Soon, a crew came by to patch the holes with asphalt.

Monte says while he appreciates the workers who are trying to help, he's tired of the patching, filling, and wishing for better roads.

“They need to tear the whole street up and use concrete, it might cost more but it’ll last longer,” Monte said.