Due to COVID-19, a local grocery store has hired more employees

STURGIS, S.D. (KEVN) Staff at the Grocery Mart continue to stock the shelves and provide their customers with safe and quick service.

An employee at the Grocery Mart is stocking the shelves. (KEVN)

"We've seen about a double. Our traffic is about double than normal," says the owner of the Grocery Mart, Ryan Meyer.

Due to the coronavirus, some of the workers have stepped back.

"Some employees are comprised. Their health is comprised," says Meyer.

With an increase in customers, Meyer says they need more workers. And in the last two weeks, he has hired seven people.

"It is busy, and we will continue to need help throughout this whole ordeal," says Meyer.

Most of the employees are putting in extra hours during this time to make sure the customers have the items they need.

"When we get the food in, we have to turn right around and get the store filled. So we need all the hands we can get. We're getting three trucks a week," says Meyer.

It has been non-stop for many of the employees, and the manager says it reminds her of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

"So in the morning it's slow and steady, but right around lunchtime, we'll have all three check hands going, which is not common for us. And it's just steady all through the night until 7 pm when it dies down again," says the manager for the Grocery Mart, Annika Meyer.

And even during this challenging time, the staff is working hard to stay safe for themselves and their customers.