2018 Pro Football Contest

KEVN Black Hills Fox football fans can rejoice. The pro football contest is back with the Denny Menholt Rapid Chevrolet Gridiron Picks!

And here is the link: http://blackhillsfox.profootball.upickem.net/profootball/registration/login.asp

Just make your picks for each game of the season for a chance to win the grand prize of a trip for two to Hawaii. There are also weekly contest prizes, including a $100 gift certificate from Bargain Barn Tire Pros in Rapid City; and a $65-valued prize package from Miller Lite. More prizes are on the way!

How does the game work?

You pick who you think is going to win each game of the season.

When is the deadline to enter my picks?

You can pick the winner up to 5 minutes before the game is scheduled to start.

What if I don't pick a winner for a game?

If you don't pick the computer will select the most picked teams for you.

What are some recently added features?

Based on fan comments and surveys we've added the following features in recent years:
1. We drop your worst 4 weeks. This is especially helpful if you started late or if you pick poorly in the playoffs where the games are worth a lot of points.
2. If you don't pick the computer will still pick for you, but you can't win a prize for that week.
3. You have to pick at least 11 of the 21 weeks yourself (just over half) to be eligible for an overall prize.
4. Inside the "Public & Private Groups" we display an asterisk (*) next to players where the computer picked at least one game for them for the week.

The season has already started. Can I still play?

Yes. Your picks going forward will be counted toward your score. We throw out your 4 worst weeks so the top 17 weeks count toward your overall score. If you start before week 5 you'll be fine. If you start after week 5 you'll be behind the others in terms of the overall season, but you could still win a prize (if offered) for an individual week.

How does the scoring work?

The point value for each game is clearly marked. The sum of your best 17 weeks is your total score. So, we throw out your worst 4 weeks.

How are ties broken?

For an individual week:
Fans pick who they think is going to win each game along with the score for the tie-breaker game. The computer then takes all the fans who are tied for most points for the week and:
1. Subtracts what the fan chose as the score for the winning team from the actual winning team's score and squares this value.
2. Subtracts what the fan chose as the score for the losing team from the actual losing team's score and squares this value.
3. Adds 1 and 2 above together to get the fan's "score approximation".
4. The fan with the lowest "score approximation" wins.
If there is still a tie the computer then chooses a random winner from those who are tied.

Why doesn't my password work?
If you're having trouble logging in try our login help page.

How often are scores updated?
Shortly after each game.

Where can I find the official rules for this contest?
Official Rules.