RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) -Deadwood is not only known for its wild west history, but also for the untamed beauty of the hills that surround it, and one Deadwood hotel is making sure that beauty remains as wild as Deadwood’s past.

The Mountain Grand Resort in Deadwood known for concerts and gambling, now they are known for another reason- a major donation. The hotel gave the five and a half-acres of land behind the property to the city as part of a conservation easement. Chief Operating Officer of Morris Horizons, Zach Morris says it was important for them to play a part in protecting what makes Deadwood, Deadwood.

“We look for opportunities to help the community to conserve some of the beautiful sight lines that we have around here,” Morris said.

And timing is key, while they have the opportunity to protect the land, Morris says they’ll take it, ”It should be the city’s- the sight lines are too important to even risk it, if some 20 or 30 years down the line and we are not around, its going to be nice to know that the mountains are going to stay preserved the way they are.”

On behalf of the donation, the Mayor of Deadwood made a proclamation, that August 2nd 2021 is Dale Morris Day, in honor of the owner of the resort.

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