Jack Siebold

Connected TV Manager
Rapid City, SD
Jack Siebold

Jack Siebold rejoined KOTA Territory News and KEVN Black Hills Fox as the assignment manager in November 2021 after a short attempt at retirement. Ironically, it is the same job Siebold had when he first joined KOTA TV in 1993.

Currently, Siebold is managing the Connected TV news streaming program. CTV news is consumed over the internet on computers and mobile devices, bypassing traditional cable or broadcast distribution.

While he grew up in New York (Long Island), Siebold has lived in several states as well as Turkey, Italy, and England, before landing at Ellsworth Air Force Base. He retired as a master sergeant after a 20-year public affairs career.

At KOTA TV, Siebold had several stints as a reporter, producer, digital content manager, and assignment manager.