Juliana Alford

Multi-Media Journalist/Anchor
Rapid City, SD
Juliana Alford

Juliana Alford is Oglala Lakota and was born in Pine Ridge, S.D. , where she lived until 2007 when she moved to Denver, Colo. Juliana first became interested in broadcast journalism in 8th grade. The Casey Anthony trials that Nancy Grace covered is what sparked her interest. Every night her family would turn on the news and watch the investigation. Juliana instantly fell in love with the news and went as far as to call herself the next 'Juliana Grace.'

Juliana first started her broadcasting journey in high school at Thomas Jefferson. This school specialized in teaching the fundamentals of learning photography, video editing, and telling the morning news, which Juliana was on.

Once finished with high school Juliana decided she wanted to go to college for broadcast journalism. She also fell in love with extreme weather, where she preceded to get her minor in Meteorology. She worked for 303 magazine as the 'publishers assistant.' She learned how to work with their marketing and helping with events such as: Denver Fashion Week, 303 beach party, Global Dance Festival, and Decadence.

Now that Juliana is back home, she is very excited for her journey with KOTA and KEVN.