Alena says, How did he do that? Get ready for Master Illusionist Craig Karges work his magic in the Black Hills

Experience the extraordinary with this award-winning entertainer
Published: Sep. 22, 2023 at 1:16 PM MDT
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Craig Karges, an award-winning entertainer and a nationally recognized speaker, will be performing tonight on Friday, September 22, at the Matthews Opera House at 7 p.m.

Karges appeared on Good Morning Black Hills with Anchor Alena Neves and challenged her to a word-guess and he won. Not only did he he guess “Lottery Winner”, he also knew how much money was in her pocket leaving Alena to say, “How did he do that”!

Karges has made over five thousand appearances in 27 countries on four continents and in all fifty states. Karges combines the art of magic with the science of psychology and the power of intuition to create the impression that nothing is impossible. Tables float, minds are read, metal bends and your imagination is challenged because you won’t believe your eyes. Dennis Miller, comedian and media personality, put it this way after seeing Karges perform, “This weirds me out!”

Audiences may be mystified when it comes to understanding how Craig accomplishes what he does on stage but his popularity is no mystery at all.

Karges has made over 40 national television appearances. You’ve seen him on The Tonight Show as well as CNN, Fox News Channel, CNBC, E! Entertainment Television, Lifetime Television, Wisdom Television, and even SOAPnet! The extraordinist has starred in two, one-hour television specials. The sheer number and diversity of Karges’ television appearances are indicative of his widespread popularity.

Performance, the international touring talent weekly, named Craig Karges’ touring show, Experience the Extraordinary, one of the top five, variety/family shows in North America. Karges was in good company as the list also included the likes of illusionist David Copperfield and Disney on Ice. Performance magazine called the extraordinist’s performance “The next era in mystery entertainment.” American Entertainment Magazine named him one of the top five variety entertainers on the corporate circuit.

To watch him in action watch the video above.