Infrastructure updates result in road closures

Rapid City Fall construction projects start up.
Published: Sep. 5, 2023 at 6:24 PM MDT
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - With the traditional tourist season coming to a close, Rapid City now turns its focus to road construction projects, with some starting as early as this week.

The city is starting four projects to address issues such as potholes and underground pipe repairs. Construction will take place on Catron Boulevard, St. Joseph Street, 12th Street, and 143rd Avenue. These projects are part of the city’s capital improvements plan, where water, sewer, and pavement needs are all examined to see what areas require the most attention.

However, with the summer months coming to a close, some projects could face delays due to weather.

“We’re trying to extend the season out as far as we can. We always think we can get into November and sometimes into December but some years we can’t. Most of our construction starts March third. Some of these projects we have scheduled through the winter. Anything that’s dealing with water and sewer underground a lot of times the contractors can run through the winter,” said Roger Hall, city engineer for Rapid City.

The cost of the projects ranges anywhere between $300,00 and 8 million dollars, but not all of the funds will come out of taxpayers’ pockets.

“We’re mostly funded by sales tax, everything in the city is. We also have money that comes from our water, money that comes from our sanitary sewer, and we get some from the DOT, we get bridge grants, and things like that. Were budgeted out five years, and we do a lot of work in five years,” continued Hall.

Catron Boulevard will be experiencing pavement rehabilitation from September 5 to October. The work will include milling the road, and asphalt overlay. Work will begin at the Sheridan Lake Road interchange. Traffic will be restricted to either the two outer lanes or to the three center lanes.

St. Joseph Street will be under construction starting September 14 and going through November for valve repair. Road work starts on West Boulevard and will run to Third Street. The two north lanes and parking spaces will be closed. When work is completed on the northern part of the street, construction will begin on the southern half of the street with the two lanes and parking spots closed. This project will be conducted in phases, with three blocks being closed at a time.

12th Street construction begins September 5 and will consist of installing water main, sanitary sewer lines, and storm sewer along the street. The project will begin with Clark Street closed off to through traffic west of the 12th Street intersection. After completion, road closures will be adjusted to restrict traffic from Clark Street to Saint James Street. The estimated completion is in December.

143rd and Country Road work will begin later this fall. The sanitary sewer main will be upgraded from the Country Road lift station down to the intersection of 143rd Avenue and Seger Drive. Full lane closures along 143rd Ave. and Country Road are to be expected. Completion is expected in May 2025.