Mixology at Home - Tequila and Fruit Daiquiri

This is a great, refreshing daiquiri that you can make a batch of for a summer holiday party.
Published: Aug. 31, 2023 at 8:52 AM MDT
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Having a Labor Day weekend party? This might be the drink to keep your guests refreshed.

It goes by many names but let’s just call it a Tequila and Fruit Daiquiri. It basically is a strawberry daiquiri with the addition of banana and lime.

A couple of weeks ago I did have this drink and was pleasantly surprised. I’m not much of a frozen cocktail fan, or tequila fan either. But it is a good drink and there are many ways you can tweak it to suit your taste.


  • 6 strawberries
  • Half a banana (a whole banana is a little overpowering in taste)
  • Juice of a half a lime
  • 1/2 to 1 oz simple syrup
  • 1/2 oz triple sec (or any orange liqueur) - optional
  • 1 cup of ice


You start with the basics: a cup of ice, tequila instead of rum, strawberries, juice of half a lime, and (this is where I’m not sure) maybe a half banana, or the entire banana. We went for the whole banana and that was a mistake. The banana flavor overpowered the strawberry. Try it with just half a banana, and add half to an ounce of simple syrup. In some recipes, they add triple sec, so experiment to find your “sweet spot” on this drink.

Blend the drink and then pour it into a margarita glass. Again, fill to the rim. Garnish with a whole fresh strawberry.


Stick with fresh lime. Bottled lime juice is sweetened. The same goes for the strawberries; a store-bought syrup is pretty sweet. You can use frozen strawberries and I have seen some recipes that say slice the banana and freeze it. Does that make a difference? Maybe the drink is a little colder.

As for the type of tequila, use what you have. And there is a tequila rose strawberry cream liqueur that some recipes use, about a half ounce, and then just an ounce of regular tequila as well. I haven’t tasted that liqueur but I think it might make the drink even sweeter, which some people (Alena Neves) might like.

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