Regional tournament is a homerun for local economy

Money brought in from the Central Plains Regional Baseball Tournament helps Rapid City's economy.
Published: Aug. 3, 2023 at 7:28 PM MDT
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Wednesday, the first pitch of the Central Plains Regional Baseball Tournament kicked off the five daylong event. Not only does the tournament bring sporting entertainment to the area, but it also gives a boost to the Rapid City economy.

Rapid City has already shown it can handle big ticket events during the winter months, and after hosting this tournament for the past two years, the city has now proven it can handle large summer events as well.

According to Wayne Sullivan, general manager of the Post 22 Hardhats, the stadium hosted more than 2,500 people for this tournament on Wednesday alone. Domico Rodriquez, executive director for the Rapid City Sports Commission, says the tax dollars spent by attendees, will go back to the city.

“The tax dollars that are generated from this just help refill the coffers. Some people understand but a lot of people don’t that when we have a tourism dollar coming into the community, that helps pave roads, pay police officers, pay firefighters. But also, it’s a great stimulator for our restaurants and bars,” Rodriquez said.

Having this tournament doesn’t only help Rapid City’s economy, but the whole state as well.

“The beautiful thing is baseball in South Dakota is big. So, when you bring teams in, and host a national tournament, it’s great for all of South Dakota, because you have to travel through the state. Everybody coming from Minnesota, Nebraska, and obviously across the state with Harrisburg, it’s great for Rapid. It’s great for the community, our hotels our restaurants, it’s just a great boost,” Sullivan said.

The tournament includes eight teams from around the region, with the Post 22 Hardhats being the only west river participants.

The winner of this tournament will go to North Carolina to play in the Legion World Series, where the best 8 teams will compete for the title of World Series champions.