Neighbor alleges the man killed in Star Village shooting did not have a gun

The Rapid City Police Department states that the man that died in Tuesdays Star Village shooting had a gun, but a neighbor claims, that might not be true.
Published: May. 31, 2023 at 5:42 PM MDT
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Tuesday, we told you about a deadly officer-involved shooting on East Signal Drive. Wednesday, we spoke with a neighbor to get their perspective on the situation.

The Rapid City Police Department says that the narrative and statement being portrayed are false, and they are ‘confident’ the investigation being conducted by the DCI will be accurate. We did reach out to DCI for a statement regarding this situation and they declined, saying this is still an ongoing investigation.

The man who was shot by officers later died, but a neighbor near the scene claims that the man was not in possession of a gun.

“We did not see no gun. When I saw him across the street I did not see no gun. The way his shorts were positioned on his body, he had nothing bulky on him. There was nothing to indicate he had a gun on him. I do not feel that justice was served yesterday. I don’t believe that somebody at the age of 29 should’ve been shot that many times and died,” said neighbor Faye Iron Boy.

Iron Boy identified the deceased as Kyle, and the second man shot as Will. She claims she heard five rounds go off, and believes one of the bullets ricocheted to hit Will

“My husband did chase after Kyle because we thought he was involved in the shooting. And then we heard gunshots, I hear like five gunshots. There was a man standing outside, a bigger gentleman standing outside, and he had taken his shirt off, and he said that they had shot him, that the police officers had shot him. And then the other guy was further back in the driveway, Kyle and the cops were already performing CPR on him when I had gone over there. My husband was standing there though, in the grass by the driveway where he had gotten shot, and he said you could smell the blood,” Iron Boy continued.

Iron Boy says she feels bad for Kyle’s family, she says she pointed Kyle out to the cops, and stated she feels somewhat responsible for what happened.

“I feel that cops reacted irrationally. That there should be other protocols put in place because someone that young does not deserve to die. And I honestly feel like I helped the cops commit murder yesterday because I did not know that that’s what was going to happen. I did not know that they were going to shoot him,” said Iron Boy.

We received a statement from the brother of the man that died. He says that his brother never had a gun and that he saw Kyle complying with officers. He also said that Kyle has “never been a bad person, he’s shy and timid, and has never been part of a gang.”