Don’t be trashy, dispose of your waste properly

Electronics should be disposed of properly.
Electronics should be disposed of properly.(Juliana Alford)
Published: Apr. 18, 2023 at 7:28 PM MDT
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Earth Week, which expanded from Earth Day, isn’t only celebrated nationally, but globally. In fact, according to the week is celebrated by more than one billion people every year, all with the goal of bringing people together to protect the Earth’s natural resources for years to come.

Two companies in Rapid City are participating in Earth Week and encouraging people to dispose of their trash properly.

“We could certainly take these electronics and take them to the landfill but then all the chemicals, all the components in there would never break down,” said Randy Sheppard, a supervisor at EchoWorks.

“Electronics are everywhere, so the more that we can do to help keep them out of the landfills the better. I mean anyone knows your cell phone within two years is old or needs to be replaced, and what do you do with all those cell phones, all those old computers they have to go somewhere. So, being able to provide this opportunity for the community is just very important to us,” said Carrie Moser, Director of Engagement for Black Hills Works.

Besides electronics, the Rapid City Solid Waste Division is accepting trash free of charge, which also encourages people to stop illegal dumping.

“You know hopefully we can curb those fees and so that people are more encouraged to bring it here,” said Ria Hannon, Solid Waste Education, and Outreach Coordinator.

Earth Week is celebrated from April 14th to April 22nd.

To learn more about EchoWorks including hours and location, click here or the Rapid City Solid Waste Division, click here.