Sioux Falls Rabbi delivers matzahs to Rapid City for Passover

South Dakota Jewish community prepare to remember their ancestors exodus from Egypt
Published: Mar. 23, 2023 at 2:46 PM MDT
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - To help the Jewish community bridge the gap between their history to the present, Rabbi Mendel Alperowitz makes the drive from Sioux Falls to Rapid City every year spreading the spirit of this special holiday and delivering matzahs.

For Jewish people, Passover is a time of remembrance and significance for their ancestor’s liberation from slavery in ancient Egypt and the “passing over” of the forces of destruction.

Passover begins at sunset on April 15 and ends on 21. Rabbi Alperowitz is visiting Rapid City to deliver matzah and share the message behind the holiday with Jewish families. He says the bread or matzo is eaten on the 7th day because it’s a reminder of the Hebrews’ suffering while in bondage and the haste with which Jewish people left Egypt in the course of their exodus.

Watch the video above for the full interview.