Delta 8 and 10 THC could soon see regulation

CBD and alternate THC products
CBD and alternate THC products(KOTA KEVN)
Published: Mar. 2, 2023 at 6:32 PM MST
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - The state Senate Health and Human Services passed a bill on Wednesday that would establish regulations for the sale of Delta-8 and 10 THC.

Delta 8 and 10 THC are alternate versions of Delta-9 which is found normally in marijuana. The difference is that these alternates are derived from the non-psychoactive sister plant to marijuana, hemp. As it stands the bill seeks to regulate the sale of the variant THCs much like traditional THC is now by requiring consistent guidelines on packaging, labeling, and testing of the product.

The senate voted to defer this bill to another day but should be voted on soon.