A Rapid City resident had an unusual surprise outside her home

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Published: Feb. 22, 2023 at 7:27 PM MST
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) -It started out as a normal snowy Wednesday morning. When Pepin heard a loud noise right outside her window.

“Oh, just a huge boom and the apartment shook a little bit,” said Dianne Pepin, apartment resident.

She went to investigate what the sound was and saw an unusual surprise outside her bedroom window.

“And there was a U-Haul truck face down in the ditch outside my apartment. How did they get down here because there are no track marks? So evidently, they flew over the top, that little hill, and hit right there. The cab hit there, and went straight down,” said Pepin.

According to the Rapid City police department, the driver was heading south on 5th street when the driver lost control of the vehicle, crossed over the median, hit a pickup truck going the opposite direction, and the U-Haul crashed into the apartment building.

Once Pepin heard the commotion outside, She asked a man standing nearby if She should call 911 but He said They were already on the way.

She offered blankets to keep the driver warm, but a man nearby said He was bringing some down.

While waiting for EMS to arrive Pepin decided to document what happened.

“It was sort of shocking, but I just started taking pictures, and I guess that’s what settled me down,” said Pepin.

Once EMS arrived, They had to figure out a way to get the driver out of the vehicle.

“I was just glad that nobody was really hurt. I don’t know how bad the person in the vehicle was hurt, it took a long time for Them to get her out, They had to cut off the door and pull her out,” said Pepin.

Pepin said Her apartment complex will repair the damage to the building.