Rapid City high school students experience a close shave, for No Shave November

8 Rapid City High School students in beard care contest at 6Throne Barbershop
6Throne Barbershop hosts Rapid City High School students for no Shave November.
6Throne Barbershop hosts Rapid City High School students for no Shave November.
Published: Dec. 6, 2022 at 11:46 AM MST
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA) - A November grooming competition allowed some local students to miss a bit of school today for a fun bonding experience and a good cause. The competition was created by Blake Addison, Guidance Counselor at the Rapid City High School as part of the men’s health awareness program. Addison says, “It was a simple idea about No Shave November when November rolled around and I was like that would be something fun for some students to do and simply not shaving that was it, there only responsibility was not to touch their facial hair for the month of November which can be really hard to do but they managed to get through it and I think they enjoyed the end result.”

As part of that end result, students learned what’s it’s like to cut hair and get tips on the barber industry. Rapid City High School student Joshua Bryan received a gold medal for growing the longest beard and winning the competition. Although the students were having a lot of fun they were given guidance on facial hair tips and beard care. One student said, “I got some tips on grooming my beard” while Bryan said, “I never thought about how to tend to my beard.”

The owner of 6Throne, Dominique Clucas was happy to host these kids because he wanted to show them how to turn their passion into a business. Clucas said, “I have a partnership with the Rapid City area schools for the last couple of years actually to spread awareness and other jobs like being a barber. Several of the kids won gift cards to a variety of stores in the area and got free beard trims. The No Shave November competition is apart of a non profit organization that raises awareness for men’s health.