HealthWatch-Easy lower back workout

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Published: Nov. 25, 2022 at 7:44 AM MST
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) -Your Thanksgiving meal may put thoughts of exercise into your head.

YMCA group exercise coordinator Nicole Craig has some ideas to work on your lower back in this week’s edition of HealthWatch.

“Hello, I’m Nicole Craig with HealthWatch and welcome to this month’s edition of working out at home. Today, we’re going to focus on our lower back. Come on down onto your belly, legs extended out, arms forward and we’re all going to be a bit of Superman here. Nose down. Life, pulling the elbows in, toward the ribs. Do about eight to ten repetitions of this. Then we’re going to go right into updog. Hands under shoulders. We’re going to lift up. You can bring the legs up if you like or knees down and hold yourself up. Then we’re going to go onto bird dog. Knees under the hips, hands under the shoulders. And just like bird dogs, do, we’re going to point and bring it in. Opposite arm, opposite leg. Again, eight to ten repetitions of that. We’re going to flip over, hands are going to go right out to the side. Knees are going to be above the hips and we’re going to twist from the hips, dropping the knees, side to side. Eight to ten repetitions there. And then we’re going to come up, moving our mat out of the way. Hands on the hips, feet wide. We’re going to bend or hinge only from the hip area, keeping those legs straight and nice and tall, focusing on the lower back, the glutes and the hamstrings. Every other day for that for the entire month of November and your lower back is going to be thanking you. Nicole Craig with HealthWatch.”