HealthWatch-Back to school safety

Published: Aug. 12, 2022 at 10:31 AM MDT
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It’s hard to imagine, but the start of school isn’t far off. And that brings up the quest of keeping your kids safe as they head back to the classroom. Dr. Cara Hamilton from Black Hills Pediatrics has some ideas for you in this week’s edition of HealthWatch.

“The Amber Alert the other day probably reminded some of us that the world is not always the safest place for our kids. Still, we can’t shelter our kids from everything. So, I have a few tips that might make everyone feel a little bit safer going back to school this year. I think one important thing, especially for kids new to school, is to talk through schools drops offs and pickups and where you’re going to meet them and who might ever be going to pick them up. If there’s not anyone on their usual list of people to pick them up, maybe you guys have a family password that person needs to tell your child. Artichoke or something of the like before they get into the car with them. I think with older kids, it’s going to be important to talk early and often about internet safety and not meeting those friends in person that they’ve just met on the internet, because that can also be a very dangerous thing for your child to deal with. Teach your child about safe people, who they should go to if they’re lost. If they’re in a store, a department store, you can remind them to find somebody who works there or one of the checkout counters, that police officers are good people to help you locate your parents. Teach your children your phone number too. Everyone has cell phones these days and if they can call you on your cell phone because they know your phone number, that’s obviously very helpful. Some of these simple steps can go a long way to making you feel safer and your child feel safer as they grow and learn more about this world around us and how fun it can be if we take these proper safety measures. This is Dr. Cara Hamilton at Black hills Pediatrics with your HealthWatch.”