South Dakota ranks number 3 in traffic related fatalities over Memorial Day Weekend

South Dakota has seen an average of 2.25 traffic deaths over Memorial Day Weekend the past decade.
Rapid City traffic
Rapid City traffic(Jeffrey Lindblom)
Published: May. 25, 2022 at 3:20 PM MDT
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - For many Memorial Day weekend is the kick off to the summer road trip season.

With drivers hitting the road, it also contributes to holiday related traffic fatalities.

South Dakota is ranked number three in the nation for the most traffic related deaths per capita over Memorial Day Weekend, averaging two and a quarter since 2011, where 39-percent involve alcohol.

In tandem with the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office Click it or Ticket Campaign they’re also running saturation patrols, which is an increased police presence in high-accident areas.

Although the Sheriff’s Office reports they see drinking and driving on a daily basis, they say it increases significantly on holidays, ”especially post pandemic,” says Chris Hislip, Pennington County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Lieutenant. “Folks are getting together or having larger gatherings. They’re trying to relax and have fun. Many times that includes alcoholic beverages. What we ask is if it does include alcoholic beverages, have a plan before hand about how you’re going to get home safely.”

Hislip says education, prevention and enforcement all work against drinking and driving, but says it takes the whole community working together to lower South Dakota’s fatality rate.

Aside from getting people on the road, Memorial Day Weekend also gets people on their stove tops, grills and more.

Cooking fast and for many might make for a recipe avoiding food safety precautions.

Some things to keep in mind, don’t marinate food on a countertop as germs spread more quickly at room temperature.

Always cook food thoroughly to avoid food born illnesses, and wash your fruits and vegetables before peeling them.

Don’t leave food out for too long, and never put cooked meat on a plate that previously held raw meat.

Of course, always wash your hands to avoid getting germs on or around your food.

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