Winter season ends with a splash, welcome spring

Wild Bill & Calamity’s Wacky-Western Pond Skim
Wild Bill & Calamity’s Wacky-Western Pond Skim(Jeffrey Lindblom)
Published: Apr. 2, 2022 at 6:58 PM MDT
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Spring brings outdoor sports like baseball, golf and more.

However, it also brings winter sports to a close.

Terry Peak’s final day is April 3, and as they do every year, they went out with a bang.

The resort held its Wild Bill & Calamity’s Wacky-Western Pond Skim.

“I felt very confident as I was going,” says Christian Casias, who fell into the water, “the second I was about to the hit the water, I just totally ate it.”

Some made it with ease, finding speed as their ally. Others, however, a slow and painful plunge. Like, for one guy who didn’t have enough speed going across the pond and screaming, “No, no, no, no, no! Help me!”

Getting across the icy drink, a sometimes humbling feat, where practice makes perfect.

“Second time we did this. And,” explains Ben Partridge who successfully made it across the skim, “every time we do it, I have a blast.”

He calls it a blast skimming across the water to safety on the other side.

While the blast others feel is that of the snowy water against their skin. Like for Casias, who explains how it felt when he was dunked under water.

“I went. I came up for air, and then I literally went back down. I thought I was going to drown,” he says laughing, “but somebody saved me.”

Youth on the side of many of those attempting to conquer the icy depth, but not all.

“Just had to try it,” says Ron Schoon. A try that resulted in a lesson on acrobatics. Or, better explained by Schoon, “ski’s hit the water and I did a cartwheel.”

Will destiny guide you to demise, or the other side?

A fate some like testing time and time again.

“Yeah,” says Partridge, “I’m going again here soon. Probably 10 minutes. 5 minutes.”

While tempting fate to others like Schoon, one outcome is plenty.

“That’s it. That’s enough,” Schoon says, “but I can say I did it.”

Making it across in one piece, best done in style both on skis and in dress alike. Afterall, a costume contest is on the line.

“I had to impress everybody else and win the costume contest,” says Jeron Martz, dressed in a tank top resembling a hairy body, “So, I had to go all out I guess.”

To win? Confidence will get you there.

KEVN asked Martz, “You feel like you got a chance?”

“Oh,” Martz responded, “for sure.”

KEVN asked, “Why?”

“Look at me,” Martz said laughing.

Slam after slam, a cap to the Terry peak season.

Partridge shouts, “Hey, here’s into next year! Like, have a good summer!”

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