Rapid City hotel owner sparks controversy following shooting

Grand Gateway Hotel owners reportedly want to bar Native Americans from property
Published: Mar. 22, 2022 at 9:14 AM MDT
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA) - A “low moment” for Rapid City. That’s what Rapid City Mayor Steve Allender calls it after a local hotel is purportedly banning Native Americans from its property.

What sparked this controversy was a shooting at the Grand Gateway Hotel on LaCrosse Street early Saturday morning. A person was shot and seriously injured in one of the hotel’s rooms. Police arrested 19-year-old Quincy Bear Robe, charging him with aggravated assault.

Following the shooting, Connie Uhre posted on social media several comments, including one where she stated the hotel “will no longer allow any Native American on property. Or in Cheers Sports Bar. Natives killing Natives.”

Following a weekend shooting at the Grand Gateway Hotel, owners reportedly want to ban Native...
Following a weekend shooting at the Grand Gateway Hotel, owners reportedly want to ban Native Americans.(KOTA)

“This is a low moment for Rapid City,” Allender said. “The Uhre’s (Grand Gateway Hotel owners) have a unique opportunity to do something good with a bad situation. This statement is not a surprise coming from this family, as they have a long-standing opposition with crime in the city and stating that the local city government is taking ‘Dark Money.’”

Nick Uhre, Connie’s son, sent an email to KOTA Territory News with the subject line “This is not policy of the hotel.” He says the statement on Facebook is from his mother.

He writes in part:

“My mom is 76 years old.

“My family we use a lot of ‘didactic statements,’’ that is, we speak in “blowup” statements to make a point. We need to pass laws that ban Native Americans from consuming alcohol and sugar to help them, alcohol is a form of sugar.”

He continued, saying “Allender is attempting to Destroy my Business. He is cheerleader for cancel culture and has put a target on my back.

“I fear for my safety, my employees safety and the guest safety and my family’s safety.”

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