Meals on Wheels celebrates 50 years of service

Meals on Wheels officially turns 50 years old March 22.
celebrating a milestone in serving the community
Updated: Mar. 21, 2022 at 5:04 PM MDT
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Meals on Wheels is celebrating 50 years of service to America’s older population... and although it’s cause to celebrate. It’s also cause to reflect on the hardships of the last few years.

Last week, gas prices hit record highs. Last year, supply chain issues meant a lack of chicken and vegetables. The last few years has resulted in less face-to-face contact. And Meals on Wheels felt the weight of these worldwide problems on them and the people they serve.

“Everything that affects us, affects our seniors even more. Whether it be isolation, that we’ve all had to experience over the last few years,” said George Larson, the executive director for Meals on Wheels Western South Dakota. “And now with increasing taxes, with increasing gas prices, with everything seeming to be going up and up and up with no true relief in sight, more and more people are turning to us and saying ‘I still have to buy my medication, I still have to pay my mortgage.”

$110 a month feeds a senior once a day and Meals on Wheels Western South Dakota feeds around 1800 seniors in 55 counties.

This week they’re inviting others to see the positive impact some fresh fruit and biscuits and gravy can make.

“We have people from the hospital, we have people from the police department, fire department, city government, anywhere from Faith to Rapid City coming together say ‘you know what, this is an important thing for our seniors and for our communities. We’re going to show up, we’re going to make sure the meals are delivered, we’re actually going to see what those meal deliveries are like’.” continued Larson.

Meals on Wheels officially turns 50 years old March 22.

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