HealthWatch-Simple leg workout

The late evening news on KEVN Black Hills Fox Sunday
Published: Feb. 25, 2022 at 9:38 PM MST
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We have some nice weather coming up. And that means people will be heading outside and getting active, so it’s time to get in shape. YMCA group exercise coordinator Nicole Craig has some good ideas in this week’s edition of HealthWatch.

“Hi and welcome to HealthWatch. My name is Nicole Craig and I’m the group exercise coordinator down at the YMCA. And today I’m going to show you a super simple leg workout that you can do at home or anywhere. And you can add an element to it by adding some risers, something to step on, something that’s sturdy. It can be a book, maybe a big dictionary. Remember the old encyclopedias? Those can work too. So we’re going to start, we’re going to do sets of 16. One foot is up, one foot is down, and all we’re going to do is just squat. Down and up, trying to keep our weigh evenly distributed with both legs. And you’re going to feel it with the leg that’s on the bench a little bit more. We’re going to do that 16 times. We’ll switch over to get to the other side. Again, another 16. Once we’ve done that, we switch back over and now we’re going to squat with a knee lift. So we’re coming down and we’re standing tall, bring that leg with us. 16 on this side, 16 on the other side. Then we’re done with the bench, or books or whatever you’re using and we’re going to go into a sumo squat. Sumo squats are going to be toes, knees and hips, are all going to be angled out towards the corners. Hands on the hips or out front and all we’re going to do is squat down and up. So it might take a time or two for you to figure out what is your best stance, how wide you want your legs. Down and up, again 16 times. And what this is going to do is get the legs used to working out a little bit from a different angle. Regular squats and squats with a knee lift are going to get hip flexors and quads. This squat is abductor and hamstring dominant. So that way, we’re getting the whole leg. After we do 16 of those, everybody’s favorite. We’re not doing 16 reps, just jump squats. Down up, down, up. Just ten. How high you go is up to you, how low you go is up to you. Once you’ve done ten, we just come down and pulse until we can’t pulse any more. Once that’s done, stand up tall, shake it out. We have got February legs and we’re good to go. Again, my name is Nicole Craig and thanks for watching HealthWatch.”