Boy gets a toy garbage truck for his 3rd birthday, plus a six garbage truck parade to deliver it

Maddux Reed plays with his new garbage truck toy.
Maddux Reed plays with his new garbage truck toy.(Jeffrey Lindblom)
Published: Feb. 18, 2022 at 5:11 PM MST
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - When you’re young, birthdays can be a hard thing to remember.

However, the City of Rapid City made one two-year old’s third birthday one for the books with help from friends, family and garbage men.

Every Friday is trash pick up day at the Reed household, and a timid 2-year old Maddux Reed likes to say, “Hi.”

Maddux’s father, Mark Reed, asks his son, “do you like the garbage trucks coming by?”

“Yeah,” says Maddux giggling.

Growing up in a quarantined world, he likes to do so from the safety of their window.

“He’s definitely very shy,” Mark says. “The best part of garbage day is when he just gets to watch from the window on the inside.”

Bob Koerlin, the Reed block’s garbage man, took notice of Maddux and started to wave back.

“He’s standing in the window every time I come by,” Koerlin says.

Koerlin left a hot wheels on the lid of the bin once for Maddux, and the Reed’s started returning the favor by leaving things for him.

“It had a Gatorade and a couple candy bars on it,” Koerlin says, remembering when he went up to the bin with a special delivery, “donuts and everything. Just unreal.”

The two have since become friends.

“It’s fantastic that he’s so excited about it and he has a relationship with our trash collector.”

“He’s a pretty cool kid.”

Maddux has left his window behind... and taken to the patio... because it just so happens that today’s trash pick up day.. is also his birthday.

“It couldn’t have been more perfect that his birthday fell on a Friday,” says Laura Reed, Maddux’s mother, “which is our garbage collection day.”

The theme of this years party?

Garbage trucks.

Koerlin came with five of his friends to give him a gift, and say happy birthday. Which, the crew of five sang to him on the sidewalk.

“All the pieces fit together perfectly,” says Laura.

Maddux was counting the trucks when they all arived

“He was saying so many,” says Koerlin, “so many.”

Maddux yells, “There’s so many!”

Normally, Koerlin says Maddux only sees the one, “so to see six of them, pretty cool thing.”

The gifts and party, Koerlin calls a bribe of sorts, because “we need new recruits for drivers. Got to start them young.”

“You know,” adds Mark, “he’s very adventurous and likes to play,” which he’ll be able to do with his new toy.

Koerlin promises to continue blowing his horn for Maddux, even if the “neighbors might not like it as much.”

Maybe one day, Koerlin thinks Maddux will too.

“He’ll be out their blowing the air horn,” Koerlin says.

For a proud mom and dad.

“He’ll never see trash day the same again,” says Laura.

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