HealthWatch-Kids and stomach viruses

Raising kids is tough enough, but that becomes even more stressful when they're sick. What do you do with that bug that's going around?
Published: Feb. 10, 2022 at 6:53 PM MST
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Raising kids is tough enough, but that becomes even more stressful when they’re sick. What do you do with that bug that’s going around? Doctor Cara Hamitlon from Black Hills Pediatrics has some advice in this week’s edition of HealthWatch.

Dr. Hamilton says, “If you have children, you probably know that stomach viruses have been going around lately. They are very contagious and spread easily in daycares and schools and families even. The symptoms most commonly start with anywhere from 6 to 24 hours of vomiting, sometimes copious amounts of it., often followed by 1 to 4 days of diarrhea. the things you need to think about and keep going for your children are fluids, fluids, fluids, making sure they’re getting plenty of, usually clear fluids are going to be better tolerated than milk is. If your child is eating anything, eating cracker, they probably don’t need Pedialyte. But if your child is not putting anything in their mouth besides liquids, you want to aim for Pedialyte so their electrolytes stay normalized. If and when they are ready to eat food, it’s better to start with bland foods that aren’t spicy or super greasy or likely to upset their stomach further. And starchy foods can help slow down diarrhea faster. You can also use probiotics for diarrhea that last any more than a few days. The things to watch for would really be signs of dehydration, if the child’s lips or tongue start to look sticky or tacky or if their urine output really drops off. Remember, seek advice from your pediatrician if you have questions about any of this. This is Dr. Cara Hamilton with Black Hills Pediatrics with your HealthWatch.”