Thune on future of Senate control

Published: Jan. 28, 2022 at 6:51 PM MST
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Senator John Thune recently announced that he’s running for his fourth term in the U-S Senate this November.

Thune earlier served three terms in the U-S House. These days, Thune finds himself in the minority party in Washington, with Democrats controlling both the House and Senate and the White House. What does Thune think are the chances of Republicans regaining control of the Senate this fall?

Thune says, “It’s 50-50. I think it’s more likely the House will flip and I hope it does. We need a check and balance against what I think is a very left-wing administration. But we’ve got a shot at the Senate. It really comes down to the quality of candidate we nominate and then how competitive the campaigns are. I think they’ll be well resourced. The Dems are going to fight hard to keep the majority. We’re going to be fighting hard to try and get it. So it should make for an interesting fall election.”

Thune says his leadership position can have even more influence if Republican gain control of the Senate again.