Avoiding these common mistakes while filing your taxes can help get your best refund

Today marks the first day to file your income taxes for 2021 but how do you know you're getting...
Today marks the first day to file your income taxes for 2021 but how do you know you're getting your best refund?(Gillian Trudeau)
Published: Jan. 24, 2022 at 3:55 PM MST
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Liberty Tax is swarmed with phone calls and people coming in on the first day to file taxes.

Although most services throughout the pandemic have transitioned online, Shelby Dahl, general manager at Liberty Tax, says that’s not the case for filing taxes.

“Especially with all the new tax changes this last year with being able to advance child tax credit, the stimulus’s, so many questions on those that people are actually coming into the offices,” said Shelby Dahl, general manager at Liberty Tax.

Confusion about taxes isn’t new, most people need guidance from tax filers throughout their filing journey.

Dahl says the most common mistake is missing credits, such as child care expenses that were nonrefundable last year but are this year.

“So a lot of people didn’t even put it on their tax return or didn’t even bother to bring documents in for that or even use it online, but this year that’s going to be a huge benefit for them so they want to make sure to get that, bring it in with you and get all those credits that you can,” said Dahl.

Other common mistakes are errors in your personal information.

“If you’re doing it electronically, it will reject from the IRS, so that’s an easy simple fix,” said Dahl.

Avoid filing through the paper to make fewer calculation errors and stay up to date about the newest tax rules.

“If you make math mistakes and the IRS deems it done on purpose you could get a hefty fine probably around just about a $600 fine if you’re misfiling,” warns Dahl.

And doing your taxes on time avoids fees.

“So again like I said coming into a professional this year is going to be more beneficial for quite a few people out there,” said Dahl.

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