Rare chickens, exotic birds, raptors and a dose of green, Jolly Lane Greenhouse has got the mix

Chicken(Jeffrey Lindblom)
Published: Jan. 22, 2022 at 3:26 PM MST
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Since 2007, Birds and Blooms has been coming to Rapid City.

It’s a free opportunity for the community to swing by Jolly Lane Greenhouse and learn about exotic birds, rare chicken breeds and raptors. Plus, have some free popcorn.

“Share the passion,” says Barb Puar, with Mount Rushmore Birds. “People come, walk through this tropical paradise and see and learn about birds.”

“I really enjoy the birds,” says Joan Spears, walking through the Greenhouse, “as long as they’re not flying at me.”

“As long as they’re not flying,” confirms her husband, Kenneth Spears. “I was going to say, as long as they’re not flying, why, she enjoys them.”

“This one,” says bird hobbyist Christina Thoelke of Rapid City to her bird on her shoulder. “If I got too far away, she says I’m going to find you. If I go around the corner, ‘Where you at, Mom? Where you at?’ Isn’t that right,” she asks her bird?

“And,” adds Joan Spears, “I think it’s important for kids to come and see the different varieties. Find out more about them.” For example, “the colors, [which are] so bright.”

Or, “how they talk,” Kenneth Spears adds.

“It’s really just exposure and getting him around the animals,” says Justin Freeman, who’s holding his toddler son, Johnny. “We’ve got plenty of toys and pictures at home, but he hasn’t had a lot of experience to get out yet.”

“Now that I’ve got them,” says a Rapid City bird enthusiast, “I’d rather have them than a dog or a cat. They’re very loveable. People don’t understand how loveable they actually are.”

“Thea,” young Johnny Freeman says smiling.

“Is that your friend,” asks his father, “Thea?”

“It’s a great learning experience and exposure to be able to bring her in,” says Kayla, holding her young daughter, Thea, “and be able to see birds in real life and not just in books. Now, she can look at a bird and be like, ‘Bird,’ and pull that memory.”

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