The Importance of Overall Wellness Entering the New Year

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Published: Dec. 31, 2021 at 5:00 PM MST
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Many people look to the New Year to press “reset” on their lives and see it as an opportunity to focus on themselves.

You’ve heard the typical resolutions, many focused on fitness and health.

But when it comes to looking at our overall health, many people don’t focus on overall “Wellness”.

But local businesses like Integrated Wellness focus on just that and say that finding overall wellness doesn’t just happen in a gym.

Dr. Melanie Munson, Doctor of acupuncture and oriental medicine: “Overall wellness is actually getting the entire body in balance. Mind, body, and spirit.”

And achieving wellness can happen in many forms.

Dr. Melanie Munson, Doctor of acupuncture and oriental medicine: “It’s important to incorporate things like acupuncture, integrative and functional medicine, sometimes it’s just supplements we’re deficient in.” (:09)

And the main theme of patients coming in? Stress and exhaustion that individuals face in their everyday lives..

Dr. Melanie Munson, Doctor of acupuncture and oriental medicine: “I actually work with people that come in and are so fatigued and exhausted and just by following through with the treatments they increase their energy and all the sudden have vibrant energy and more ambition and want to do more things in life. Because they feel well.” (:18)

Stacy Keyser, Owner, Integrated Wellness: “I’m noticing is people have a high level of exposure to stress, and they sometimes don’t even realize the forces of stress that is in their lives. They may not realize that the way they live with their Wi-Fi and their cell phones and their home environment, their work environment all contributes to the levels of stress that cause us to feel ill, fatigued, and overall, just kind of yucky.” (:26)

And if you’re not a fan of the idea of needles with acupuncture. Wellness can be achieved through multiple options of treatments offered, like meditation, massages, and sauna therapy.

Additional Info:

Integrated Wellness

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