How to Keep Your Fur Family Safe This Christmas Season

Published: Dec. 21, 2021 at 7:42 PM MST
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Once again, a major theme this holiday season is safety.

But around the Christmas season, some often forget about the importance of the safety of our favorite family members: our pets.

For some pets who have already been through holidays, Christmas is just another time of year.

But for others, especially younger animals, new shiny objects like decorations can become toys for the curious and playful.

It’s important that when planning for the holidays to keep dangerous objects out of reach, but some things aren’t as easily secured.

Rachel Shutter, Veterinarian, Dakota Hills Veterinary Clinic: “So the biggest thing of course is your Christmas Tree. Christmas Trees are bright and shiny and they have lights and garland and all of those things that are very attractive to animals. Dogs and Cats. So making sure that we have any breakable ornaments, make sure you put them up high and any homemade ornaments, anything that has the salt dough or anything on that front, those can be toxic dogs that are ingesting those in”

It’s also important to keep an eye out for climbing cats who like to scale Christmas trees and make sure that your pets aren’t drinking the tree water if you have a live tree, and not put anything in the tree water.

Lastly, she mentions that if something were to happen this holiday season, to not wait and seek help immediately.

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