Terry Peak slopes are officially open on a chilly and windy day, “Feels like nothing else is going on in the world.”

The late evening news on KEVN Black Hills Fox Sunday
Published: Dec. 15, 2021 at 5:22 PM MST
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - It’s been a moody winter with record high temperatures to kick off December.

However, the chilly weather has made enough visits for Terry Peak to start its season.

That’s right. Terry Peak is officially open for the 2021 season and those who are bold enough to brave the cold weather are out and about for their first runs of the season and there’s really only one way to describe it all.”

“Amazing,” says a snowboarder.

“Peaceful,” follows his friend, a fellow snowboarder.

“Electrifying,” adds another snowboarding group member.

“Whoosh,” says a snowboarder on the mountain with a smile across his lips.

“It feels great to be back on the snow again,” adds a snowboarder at the base of the mountain, “it’s freaking awesome. It’s just a part of me.”

“It’s just great being out here with all friends,” adds another snowboarder. “Just getting out, feeling free on a board for a couple of minutes.”

“Ice gliding,” adds a snowboarder mid-mountain. “It’s just a blessing really.”

Linda Derosier, Terry Peak Marketing Director, agrees.

“We’re excited to be open today. I mean,” Derosier says, “the cold weather that’s moving in right now is just wonderful.”

“Couldn’t ask for better weather,” says a snowboarder at the bottom of a run.

“They’re anxious and they want to be the first ones on the snow,” Derosier says, referring to the crowd at the base of the slopes. “We have two chair lifts and our snow carpet operating.”

“This is my first time down the slopes,” says a student at North Dakota State University visiting, “I’m a little stubborn at times. I’d say I came down and I was like, ‘you know, I don’t know if skiing’s for me.’ Then I was like, ‘you know what....’ Kind of regrouped, went back up and sure enough, second try there it went.”

“Scary,” adds his friend, who attends the University of South Dakota, “however, a little bit of patience and a little bit of due diligence you can succeed at.”

“Kind of,” says the Student from NDSU, “the rest is history from there.”

“Skiing and snowboarding is a wonderful sport,” Derosier says, “even no matter what age you learn at you can enjoy this by yourself, with your spouse, with your kids, your grandkids. Grandparents.”

“You definitely feed off your buddies. Like,” says a snowboarder in the middle of a run, “pushing each other.”

“It’s exhilarating,” adds Derosier.

“Feels like nothing else is going on in the world and you’re just the only one,” says the snowboarder in the midst of his run, “and you’re just focused on that. Nothing else really matters.”

“We’re tearing it up and having a blast,” says the two rookie skiing Students. “These are memories that will last a life time.”

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