Feeding South Dakota helps 1,100 families in need with thanksgiving dinner

Feeding South Dakota Thanksgiving Dinner
Feeding South Dakota Thanksgiving Dinner(Jeffrey Lindblom)
Published: Nov. 20, 2021 at 10:22 AM MST
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Saturday morning, the Central States Fairgrounds in Rapid City filled up with cars, volunteers and all kinds of holiday food from turkey, to bread and potatoes and everything in between.

It was an event hosted by Feeding South Dakota who distributed 1,100 thanksgiving dinners to families in need.

“We’re here today,” says Paul Rodriguez, Feeding South Dakota’s Western Operation Manager, “because we want to provide a great holiday meal for families that cannot afford it. Anybody can understand it would be tough to be in a situation like that, where maybe you’re struggling right now and having a hard time making ends meat. This is a great time to give back as a community. So, we have plenty of volunteers that have stepped up and are helping everybody out today.”

“This is a tough time in the world,” says Ruth Conway, who is volunteering at the event, “and in Rapid City here, we know there’s a lot of families in need. This allows them to get together and have a big dinner they might not otherwise get to have, and that family closeness and support... that’s what gets people by.”

“We like to give monetarily,” says Brand Leber, who is volunteering at the event, “but also give time at the same time. I think it’s important to help out folks a little bit less fortunate than us.”

“It makes me feel good every time we get to help,” says Ruth’s daughter, Molly Conway.

“It’s a good experience for the volunteers as well as the people here getting the food,” says Rodriguez.

“It’s just a fun event for both side. Win, win,” adds Ruth Conway.

“I’m thankful for the help that’s been given to the community and also for my good friends,” says a gentleman receiving food at the event.

“I’m thankful for every day I wake up in the morning,” says a woman getting thanksgiving dinner, “that’s what I’m especially thankful for.”

“I’m really thankful for my family,” adds another.

“For my mom,” says a woman in her car pointing towards her mother in the passenger seat, “the lady right here, because I’ve almost lost her three times this year.”

“I’m just thankful for all of our staff and all our volunteers that help out,” Rodriguez says, “and it’s just a fantastic place to be part of it.”

“Happy thanksgiving,” says a woman out her car door.

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