Teacher Finds New Branch of Family Tree after DNA Testing

Imagine finding out that the life and family you thought you knew... wasn’t what you thought.
Published: Nov. 8, 2021 at 3:01 PM MST
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A northern hills teacher discovered a new branch in his family tree after he took a “23 and me” DNA test.

Imagine finding out that the life and family you thought you knew... wasn’t what you thought.

That’s the case for one Spearfish teacher, Dylan Moro, who at 35 years old, found out that his father, was not biologically related to him.

“It, it was a trip, I mean there was a side of it that was kind of adventurous, because you were curious. Um, but it was also, it was strange to think that you know your true North and true self throughout. And it didn’t change dynamics, you know with my siblings or my dad. In fact, in a lot of ways it kind of made me appreciate my dad just stepping in and being my dad.” said Moro.

But the question still lingered... Who was his biological father?

It was a question not just for him, but also for his daughter.

“My family was very supportive, I think if I said I didn’t want to know, they would have supported that as well, it was kind of my choice. But for me, if there is a truth to be known I’m going to pursue it I guess.” said Moro.

All Dylan had begin his to search with was a name, location and occupation: A poet named Ruhi, his mother had met in Portland, Oregon.

It took two years before Dylan found a friend of his fathers, A friend who had named a plant he was growing after the poet. From that encounter, Dylan was able to connect with Ruhi.

“The email came through and it just said Dylon, I was given your contact information by my friend Hugh, I’m sorry but I’m not the Ruhi you’re looking for, which is a funny line anyway.” said Moro.

Turns out, this was the right Ruhi, after connecting Ruhi with his mother, answers Dylan had been looking for were starting to appear.

“My mom actually asked him would you be willing to do one of the ‘23 and me’ tests, and he agreed to it and, he messed up the labeling and the saliva a couple of times but eventually he got it to work and it came back and he was my biological father.” said Moro.

Soon after the results, Dylan met Ruhi.

Throughout his journey, Dylan journaled his experience, in a book he published titled “Finding Ruhi.”

Now, they have friendship. And Dylan met more members of his extended family as a result.

“You know family is whom you choose it to be. And your family tree and dynamics can change, and if you’re open to it, it can change in a beautiful way. It can be challenging too, sometimes there can be some tough things that come along with it but Now I really feel like I’ve gained an awesome sister and a whole other set of family” said Moro.

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