South Dakota ranks high on one of the worst states with DUI arrests and fatalities

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Published: Sep. 29, 2021 at 3:01 PM MDT
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - It’s was a disturbing scene to see a car driving through the wall of the We Care Thrift Store Monday morning.

“Who does that? Who does that? She had to have been pretty well out of it,” said the manager of the store, Dorothy Young.

But she was correct. The driver was out of it because she was driving intoxicated.

Although most DUI’s don’t end by crashing into the side of a building, driving under the influence is pretty common in South Dakota.

“South Dakota has a really, really high DUI arrest rate for 100,000 drivers of nearly 900 DUI arrests. That’s a lot I can tell you,” said Leo Waldenback, co-founder of Zutobi, an app designed to make learning how to drive fun.

The company created a survey for each state by looking at DUI arrests and fatalities per 100,000 drivers and looked at the overall ratio of how many road deaths resulted from driving intoxicated.

“And then what we did is we created a score based on these factors to give us the states that would have the most Dui arrests, that would have the highest amounts of DUI road fatalities, and where DUI is the highest part of all road fatalities,” said Waldenback.

Now, where did South Dakota rank on that list? Number 4.

“In South Dakota, 28 people died in 2019 in DUI-related accidents. I think the numbers are important. Out of 102 people in total, 28 people. To me, that’s a lot. That’s 27% of all road fatalities that defiantly could have been prevented in South Dakota,” said Waldenback adding that these numbers stay fairly consistent. “You’re not just risking your own life; you’re risking other people’s lives as well.”

“You know, it was just a blessing we weren’t here. Let’s not do, let’s not do it. She’s just lucky it wasn’t a day we were open. People would have been killed. It’s just stupid. Just don’t do it,” said Young.

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