School of Mines students whitewashing the “M”, soaked in paint they use frisbees as sleds

Published: Sep. 24, 2021 at 6:09 PM MDT
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - School of Mines students are getting a little wild for Homecoming Week.

What started with a picnic took to a hill and hike up to the “M” for a the annual whitewashing tradition.

Allie Gregor, Senior SDSM Rocker Days Tri-Chair, says “basically, we come up here, everyone wears some funny costumes and silly outfits. We mix some white paint and water and we push it down the “M.” You slide down on a frisbee and that’s “whitewashing the ‘M.’”

Gregor says the pandemic in full force last year didn’t allow the event to occur “so, we’re really excited this year to get to partake in our traditions.”

It’s been a long standing tradition, she says, “even when president Rankin, who is our current president of our school, when he was here he was white washing the “M” as well. So, it’s been around for a long time.” She adds, “at Mines there’s a lot of different opportunities and traditions that we do, but homecoming is definitely the icing on the cake.”

She says it makes for a nice and much needed break from school, because “Mines is science and engineering, it’s some tough stuff. So, it’s super nice to get out there, go out with your friends, wear some funny outfits and slide down a frisbee.”

The planning takes months for just about an hours worth of slipping, sliding and painting, where she says “we go until we run out of paint.”

She thanks the community for their support and says it’s nice to get back into the swing of things after coming out of COVID-19 protocols.

“Last year was a lot harder, so it’s just great for everyone that gets to experience different things. I have a little brother who’s a Sophomore whose never gotten to experience homecoming. So, it’s cool to get to see all that and everybody learn and get into the traditions that they didn’t get to experience before,” says Gregor.

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