You can find memes on Facebook, Reddit, card games, and now a dating site.

Two South Dakota School of Mines graduates created a meme-based dating app.
Two South Dakota School of Mines graduates created a meme-based dating app.
Two South Dakota School of Mines graduates created a meme-based dating app.(Gillian Trudeau)
Published: Sep. 21, 2021 at 5:00 PM MDT
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Swiping right or left is starting to feel a bit superficial to some, so two college graduates decided to do something about it.

Morgan Vagts and Debbie Liknes graduated from South Dakota School of Mines with degrees in computer science and decided to use those degrees to create and app called LAFDR.

Like every dating app, you choose your preferences but instead of liking or disliking someone’s profile, you just swipe left or right on a meme which will then match you to someone of similar taste.

“It kind of started as a joke that we had, we were talking about online dating and how kind of annoying it could get,” said Debbie Liknes, CTO and co-founder of LAFDR.

You can also create your own memes based off popular templates to add to the feed.

As of now, fewer than 200 people have downloaded the app.

“Few people have met through the app but it’s mostly like friends and stuff so far,” said Morgan Vagts, CEO and co-founder of LAFDR.

But with a Android and Apple launch on September 17, the app is gaining popularity.

Memes are relevant in today’s society. Vagts says more than one million memes are shared on social media platforms everyday. Although memes are made to make people laugh, they can also show personal details about yourself and others.

“Everyone’s had that time when they see the meme and they know exactly who they’re going to send that meme to because it describes them so well and that’s what we’re really trying to capture with LAFDR is like how do we describe people with memes so that we can we can connect them to the people that they should be connected with,” said Vagts.

The dating app won fourth place at the South Dakota Governor’s Giant Vision student business plan competition in April of this year. Vagts and Liknes credit the financial help and support they received from the School of Mines while getting the app off the ground.

The creator’s next step for LAFDR is finding more investors.

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