Tik Tok challenge inspiring Rapid City students to steal and vandalize

(Scarlett Lisjak)
Published: Sep. 17, 2021 at 6:00 PM MDT
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Bathrooms vandalized, fire extinguishers stolen and teens arrested all over the country due to a viral Tik Tok challenge called “Devious Licks,” It encourages kids to post videos of themselves stealing and damaging school property. And this problem is right here in the Black Hills.

What started as a trend on Tik Tok has taken the Nation by storm, Community Relations Manager for Rapid City Area Schools, Katy Urban says this is putting a strain on an already short staffed school district, “we’ve had a number of students that have stolen various items from our schools, things like “EXIT” signs or things off the teachers desk and it’s been causing a lot of problems.

Sergeant overseeing the Sheriff’s Office School Resource Deputies, Scott Sitzes says these pranks are no laughing matter, “we visited with a student that has been arrested, and asked ‘why would you do something like this?’ and their response was, ‘because its funny,’ and it’s not funny its a crime, you know it’s taking time away from staff that has to address this.”

Sitzes adds despite the word getting out that there are consequences to stealing, the problem is getting worse, and the number of incidents that occurred are too many to count.

“The whole purpose of this, what students are doing is there trying to one up each other, so they will steal something that’s small that doesn’t have a whole lot of value and work their way up to things like, nationwide we seen things like computers, and lab equipment,” Sitzes said.

Parents have been stumbling across some of the stolen property, “don’t be afraid to check your kids back pack, check your kids room we had one where a student had stolen something from the school and proudly displayed it in the rooms so, don’t be afraid to go in and check your kids rooms and see if there is anything in there that shouldn’t be there.”

Devious Licks Videos have been banned from Tik Tok, stating it violates their community guidelines.

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