South Dakota Mines hosts career fair for hopeful students

MINES FAIR(Aleah Burggraff)
Published: Sep. 14, 2021 at 4:06 PM MDT
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Resumes and portfolios in hand, more than 1,000 students made their way to the South Dakota Mines career fair with the common goal of finding work after college.

Matthew Hanley, Director of the Career and Professional Development Center, believes this shouldn’t be hard, even in the midst of Covid-19.

“Even though, you know, covid certainly changed the economy, most of these places still needed scientists and engineers that could think outside of the box and that could solve a lot of the problems that were created by covid,” said Hanley.

Hanley said Mines students usually go into health care and manufacturing, which are high-demand jobs due to the pandemic.

“A lot are really motivated by these new challenges that are created by covid and a lot of them want to get out there and they want to help solve the problem. Contribute to a solution,” said Hanley.

That contribution could come at a price for some as more employers are requiring vaccinations and other mandates for current and future employees.

“I’m mostly excited to get on the field and start working,” said senior, Alexandra Gregor.

Junior Claudianne Moisset isn’t concerned either but believes down the road it might be a good idea to have a conversation with companies to see what requirements they mandate.

“I am pretty excited to get out there. I love people. I love just being able to talk to anyone and everyone. “Once I have a little bit more of grounding in the workforce and I’m allowed to be a little bit picker that’s definitely something I’d like to consider,” said Moisset.

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