Showing respect to Rapid City seniors, Minneluzahan Senior Center seeks $57,500 from vision fund to give the facility a “face lift”

Published: Sep. 10, 2021 at 9:15 PM MDT
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - The Minneluzahan Senior Center is looking for Rapid City Vision Fund money to get some long needed repairs.

“It’s time to remind seniors how much they matter to the community,” says April Malik, Director of the Minneluzahan Senior Center. She says that this is the first time they’re seeking city help.

Malik says the building needs to be repaired like siding on the outside that has blown off. On the inside, flooring and windows are chipped and damaged, and they’d like to install a heating and cooling unit in the kitchen annex.

They’d also like to give the parking lot some help, as they say curbs are falling apart and sidewalks are uneven.

Malik says this is a safety concern as she’s seen seniors stumble and fall.

She says that none of the lights in the lot work, and since some people use their lot to park for events at the Monument Civic Center, the lack of lighting can be dangerous.

She says this part of town often gets ignored and that they’d appreciate some help.

”Showing respect for the older population and appreciation for their work their whole lives by putting some funds into the Senior Center,” says Malik, “and the places that they choose to come and do their fun would be money well spent.”

They’re also looking to upgrade their sign by lighting it up and making it look nicer.

Also, they’d also like to build a sidewalk leading to their gazebo and allowing easier access.

Malik says they’re a city owned building and believes the 60-thousand dollar request is fair.

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