RCAS: still short on student nutrition workers

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Published: Sep. 8, 2021 at 4:49 PM MDT
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Some South Dakota school districts are seeing a food shortage for student lunches due to supply chain issues.

Rapid City Areas Schools say they are not impacted by this shortage at the moment.

“However, as we see this supply issue kind of impact districts around the country, we expect at some point that might be something that we’re facing as well,” said Community Relations Manager, Katy Urban.

Instead, the district is currently focused on a different shortage: workers to serve the food.

As of now, the student nutrition department is 15 employees short, along with 5 workers currently out sick.

“So, it’s a difficult position to be in. We want to get all our kids fed every meal for breakfast and lunch, but that has been difficult and so we are really having to be creative to make sure that we are getting those meals out to kids,” said Urban.

Urban said at just 10 days into the school year, it’s been a challenge to make sure that schools are fully staffed and it’s become an all-hands-on deck situation.

“Typically, we’ll look at a building that is fully staffed and if we can we’ll try to pull someone from that building to a building that doesn’t have as many staff. We’re really just kind of pulling from anywhere we can,” said Urban.

Urban said it’s a critical position that needs to be filled as students concentrate and learn better with food in their stomachs, and some students really rely on school lunches as their only meal of the day.

“It’s why we are really, really looking for anyone who is interested in working in student nutrition right now,” said Urban.

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