Rapid City community’s youth bands together with local organizations to stand against violence and drug use

Rapid City youth organize a walk against violence and substance abuse
Published: Aug. 29, 2021 at 5:09 PM MDT
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) -After a string of crime in Northside Rapid City, including a standoff earlier this month and a fatal shooting only this past week of 16-year old McKenzie Garreaux, a group of teens has come together to march the streets to protest the violence and drug use in the area.

“You know nobody teaches us as we’re growing up that we’re going to have to lose these people like this and we shouldn’t have to. And we’re tired,” said Angelique Leroy, an attendee at the walk.

Heal the Hood - Break the Cycle is an event to call for action as a community against violence and substance abuse. Their walk through the north side of Rapid City streets is dedicated to the redemption and recovery of a “broken neighborhood”.

“Wambli Ska Society is here, NDN Collective is here, the police are here, all of the community is here. We have so many resources that we can all come together, put our differences to the side, and do what’s right,” said Krystal Rencountre, a Rapid City community member.

Rapid City Police Department and NDN collective came together with the Wambli Ska Teen Center to put on the event. Rapid City police lead the walk with their police vehicles and blocked off intersections for the safety of the attendants.

“Our kids are taking a stand. They are the ones that are leading this. They are the ones talking and having a voice and we as adults are there to support them and be behind them and pray for them and pray with them and help them move forward in the right way.”

The community gathered at the Wambli Ska Teen Center, walked for three hours, and spread their message.

“I think everybody here today I think they realize what we need and how to stick together. I think that keeps us strong,” said Carrollyn Jaso, an attendee at the walk.

“I want to see more of us coming together like this, then maybe we’re not alone going through this because I...”

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