President Biden’s handling of Afghanistan, SD Rep. Dusty Johnson and Sen. Mike Rounds react

Afghanistan(Source: CNN)
Published: Aug. 21, 2021 at 5:24 PM MDT
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - The development in Afghanistan has brought forward a response from South Dakota politicians.

Representative Dusty Johnson and Senator Mike Rounds recently spoke about their disappointment with the way the United Stated withdrew from the Country.

Rounds says that although there was no easy answer or simple way out, that president Biden made the wrong move by making a certain date in which the withdraw would happen without making any agreements with the Taliban first.

He says that the Taliban wasn’t required to comply to any terms, and that this opened up a window to take advantage of the existing government.

”So, what you ended up with is an artificial date in which we would rapidly try to withdraw our forces. Not recognizing the conditions on the ground as they changed. Now what we have in front of us is what looks as close to a bugout from Saigon as we have in a generation,” says Rounds.

Rounds says this sends a signal to our allies that you can’t trust or count on the United States.

Representative Dusty Johnson shared Rounds’ disappointment, calling it all a mess.

He says both President Trump and President Biden made a decision to withdraw, but doesn’t agree with the administrations executions.

”The reality is you don’t draw out your troops first and then worry about getting out your allies and your employees and your equipment. Right now, the Taliban has more black hawk helicopters than 210 countries in the world. That is the fault of this white house, and the reality is we have got to restore some strength to the situation.”

Johnson says we’ve made commitments to our men and women in uniform and our partners to get them out, and says right now the White House is not getting it done.

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