Wyoming’s oldest bar has plenty to offer for Sturgis Rally motorcyclists

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Published: Aug. 11, 2021 at 6:37 PM MDT
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ALADDIN, W.Y. (KEVN) - Aladdin, Wyoming, population 15, is home to Wyoming’s oldest bar which just so happens to be a destination hot spot for rally-goers on their trek back to Sturgis.

The store first opened in 1896 and serves as the town’s bar, grocery store, and post office.

The structure was purchased in June 2019 Trent by Tope and is now run by him and Jordan Yates.

The building has been slightly remodeled where antique meets boutique while keeping many of the original pieces that make the store unique.

“This is home. My family has been ranching here since 1892 and I broke my leg and can’t really ranch anymore so, doing this instead,” said Tope.

But like most tourist destinations in the Midwest, the 125-year-old historic bar along Wyoming Highway 24 needs an extra push to get it through the long winter months. That’s where the Sturgis Rally comes in.

“Rally is always a big time for us. People from all over the world are coming through here and it helps to get our name out so people know what the Black Hills has to offer and so when they come back for vacation or for winter sports then they’re back in this area and that really helps us,” said Tope.

Thousands of bikers over the course of the week stop at the historic landmark and help the business finically both short and long term.

Despite the rush, Tope is grateful to be a popular destination spot for motorcyclists curious to see what the unique landmark has in store for them.

“We love this. It’s really busy and we do our best to pump out as much product as we can,” said Tope.

The Aladdin General Store is open every day all year and that doesn’t plan to change anytime soon.

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