Small towns across western South Dakota are rumbling with bikes

What happens in Sturgis doesn’t just stay in Sturgis, small towns all over western South Dakota feel its impact
Updated: Aug. 7, 2021 at 12:00 PM MDT
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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) -Every August, the hills roar with the sound of motorcycles, and while the focus is in Sturgis, the bikes can be found throughout the area, even in towns with a population size of 814 there is no room to park.

80 miles away from Sturgis, Wall South Dakota is booming with motorcyclists, “Riding seeing all the attractions, Mount Rushmore, Devils Tower, the Needles eye (highway), Deadwood, seeing all the cool bikes riding up and down Main Street,” the Slomba’s said.

Marry and Chuck Slomba journeyed 1,568, with Wall on their minds, “It’s a good experience, we enjoyed all the signs on the way up, the signs were great coming to Wall, knowing that we were going to come here we enjoyed the signs even more,” the Slomba’s added.

The Wall Drug Store sees many visitors passing through the prairie, Chairman Rick Hustead says business has almost doubled compared to last year, “we’ve been dealing with high customer volume, we’ve got a great staff, we’ve been handling the business well, and we think our speed in the restaurant has been excellent.”

With all the visitors in town, Hustead says it’s a good idea to stock their favorites, “one thing we did this year because of the expected volume we needed to order another 8,000 pounds of inside rounds that we use for our legendary hot beef sandwiches, which are really popular with the biker crowd.”

Hustead notes Wall Drug has been lucky to have enough staff prepared to handle the crowds.

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